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Lede recommended packages

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. This service requires the following packages to be installed on your router: dnsmasq or dnsmasq-full or unbound and either ca-certificateswget and libopenssl for OpenWrt Additionally installation of coreutils-sort is highly recommended as it speeds up blocklist processing.

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The dnsmasq. To do that, connect to your router via ssh and run the following command:. For IPv6 support additionally install ip6tables-mod-nat and kmod-ipt-nat6 packages from Web UI or run the following in the command line:. The coreutils-sort is an optional, but recommended package as it speeds up sorting and removing duplicates from the merged list dramatically. Install simple-adblock and luci-app-simple-adblock packages from Web UI or run the following in the command line:. The configuration file has lists in ascending order starting with smallest ones and each list has a preceding comment indicating its size, comment out or delete the lists you don't want or your router can't handle.

Some of the top block lists both hosts files and domains lists suitable for routers with at least 8MB RAM are used in the default simple-adblock installation. If you want to use CLI to customize simple-adblock config, refer to the Customization Settings section. In the Web UI the simple-adblock settings are split into basic and advanced settings.

The full list of configuration parameters of simple-adblock. If you specify google. If you only want to allow www. In general, whatever domain is specified to be whitelisted; it, along with with its subdomains will be whitelisted, but not any fake domains containing it.

Hardcoded on the device. Some Android Lollipop 5. You can fix this by either:. Manually set on the device. There are some guides online which recommend manually changing the DNS servers on your computer to Google's 8. You can fix this only by:. Please head to OpenWrt Forum for discussion of this package.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped create, test and troubleshoot this service. Skip to content. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Branch: master. Find file Copy path. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Raw Blame History. Supports hosts files and domains lists for blocking. Everything is configurable from Web UI. Allows you to easily add your own domains to whitelist or blacklist.

Has an option to store a compressed copy of the AdBlocking list in persistent memory which survives reboots. Blocks ads served over https unlike PixelServ-derived solutions.For advanced users and geeks like us, we like to tweak things, use one device to its maximum capacity. Some people may prefer routers with attractive looks, but not me.

I want to hide my router somewhere no-one can ever find it, I want my router to operate in the back for days without any problem. This is one important feature because our space is getting more and more kind of radio signal that might interrupt our wifi. There are nothing except antennas on the side, and only light indicators on the front. Linksys even went the extra miles to create a Smart-Wifi app to allow you control and monitors your network from anywhere in the world as long as you and your router have Internet connection.

At the moment, we can use unofficial firmwares firmwares that are built from stable and developement branches, and are maintained by third parties.

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ZyXEL Armor Z2 AC is the kind of router that will catch your eyes on the first time: it has a metal look design and appearance gets the ideas from cars and robots. One powerful horse for a wireless router. Four non-detachable antennas on the sides and back. The Setup Wizard is very intuitive, and it took me just few minutes to get the router ready to use. Please read those numbers with a grain of salt. But the 2 other contenders are very good, too. Buying which routers depends on your budget and personal reference.

HobClay is a 30 years old IT Specialist. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. Device Specifications CPU: 1. Why we love it Dual-Band 2. What we don't like May choke with a lot of devices.

Buy Now. Last price update: What we don't like Expensive. We placed the routers at 5 locations: Indoor 1: right next to router Indoor 2: 20 feets away from router with a thin wooden wall in between Indoor 3: 40 feets away from router with a cement wall Outdoor 1: 60 feets away from router Outdoor 2: 75 feets away from router behind a tree Then we proceed to copy a large files between router and a laptop and measure the average speed.

Tecno w2 firmware

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

Next you need gcc, binutils, bzip2, flex, python3. To install these program, please login root users and type sudo apt-get -y install build-essential asciidoc binutils bzip2 gawk gettext git libncurses5-dev libz-dev patch python3.

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Third, logout of root users. Please Run. Please use make menuconfig to choose your preferred configuration for the toolchain and firmware. Simply running make will build your firmware. It will download all sources, build the cross-compile toolchain, the kernel and all choosen applications. Cygwin will not be supported because of the lack of case sensitiveness in the file system.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Lean's OpenWrt source. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back.First off all: this guide is no replacement for the great OpenWrt documentation. Rather this guide show what software I use and how I configure the system. Sure, some software components smells fishy, the hardware could be better and so on. Do they backport all kernel bugfixes?

For critics, comments, tips you can contact me via twitter: hgnize or write an email: hagen jauu. This howto is gradually extended, from time to time I will uncover new sections - stay tuned. So all WiFi specific configrations are a little bit aligned on this devices and may not work on other hardware. But the difference should marginal and should be limited to some wireless performance tweaks. First thing to do is to flash the original firmware with OpenWRT. At the end you should have an installed and working OpenWRT.

I do not install LuCI to manage the router via web interface.

lede recommended packages

Telnet should now automatically be disabled if the password is set. Try it and proof it! Because I name all devices like galaxies, cluster and superclusters this system is named laniakea.

The LEDs on the front can be changed as well.

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Install kmod-ledtrig-heartbeat and at three additional lines to the config. Now we look at the major configuration files for an OpenWrt router, starting with the network configuration, followed by the wireless configuration. We do not edit anything here - just for now. Now we take a look at a slightly modified wireless configuration.

Per default the WiFi interfaces are disabled and must be enabled explicitly.

lede recommended packages

After a correct cabling, e. We do not see any wlan interfaces because they are disabled per default. Lets see what the Wifi chipset provides:. If we also obtain the output for phy1 the data is nearly identical, the only difference are DFS states a truncated diff -Nuar :. Especially weather radar systems. If a collision is detected the WiFi AP is enforced to instantly change the frequency band. In subsequent sections we will install additional software.Updated - April 15, by Arnab Satapathi.

Fair bandwidth sharing among different devices may be an issue on a local network, say torrent client on the PC sucking all upload bandwidth. If the router is running openwrt, such situation could be avoided by setting up openwrt qos.

What is QoS? It stands for Quality of Servicesimply how efficiently the bandwidth could be used to improve network quality and minimize network latency. It also ensures a fair portion of bandwidth is always available for critical applications. Internet quality degradation on a fast network is mainly due to bufferbloatexcessive data buffering on the router causes this problem.

In this tutorial we're going to use the luci-app-sqm program to configure openwrt qos. Though both of them uses the tc command, part of traffic control application as QoS configuration back end. Uninstall other previously installed if any OpenWrt QoS related packages like luci-app-qos or qos-scriptsthey will interfere with sqm-scripts.

Installation process may require KB or more storage space, so if your router has limited flash space, openwrt extroot setup may be necessary. The official OpenWrt guide recommends to use www. Though network latency measurement is not necessary, you could do it with ping command.

Note the time required to ping different domains and take the average time. Example bellow. From those tests I got about 2. You may want to use google's data transfer rate converter to convert different formats.

QoS capability could be tested many way, I'm giving an example bellow to simulate such situation. Surely the above setup will impose a heavy stress on the network, now you from the last PC you could do some ping to remote servers like google, browse few webpages etc. Now everything should be somewhat smoother than previous, i. OpenWrt is bloating day by day, the luci is even more bloated, seriously a bad news for routers with limited flash. Hope this openwrt qos tutorial is simple enough to understand and will help you to improve network quality.

Just drop a comment if you have any suggestion or question, I'll like to hear from you. I had been experiencing serious bandwidth degradation on my Linksys WRTAC only in the evenings, just when my wife and daughter would fire up their tablets and PCs, and the TV would kick in. In desperation I tried several range extenders, and even powerline transmission.

Nothing made a difference so it had to be the router. I installed OpenWrt on the router and played with various settings.

How to setup OpenWrt QoS with luci-app-sqm

Still no cigar.For various reasons, last week I decided to run on it a software pmacctindeed that was NOT included in the official package repository. Such a scenario was exactly what I was waiting for…. Previously …up to a couple of weeks ago! I already knew that building a software to run on my WDR were going to be not an easy task. Hence I needed to use my PC. Unfortunately my PC is running on a very common x86 platform. Problem 1: how to build a MIPS-executable using a compiler running on an x86 platform?

Answer to such a question is quite simple: cross-compilation. As you can see in line 3, the compiler properly built the x version, that actually succesfully run on my Linux box lines 5 and 6. And so? Unfortunately not. Nice result…. This is where things start getting interesting….

Indeed, when you know about SDK…. In such a scenario, my goal is that following notes will result very helpful. Actually, you need an opkg update. Well, you got the point:. So to step further we need to tell the SDK what to do eg.

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In order to tell the SDK that we want to rebuild the tcpdump package, we simply issue a. Such a command simply:. Now, in this stage, everything is in place and finally we can tell the SDK what we want rebuild tcpdump. By firing the make menuconfig command, that will provide us the well-known curses-based interface, where we can define what we need.

Not to mention that, in our case, is also useless! Remember: we want to rebuild ONLY tcpdump! Nothing more! No errors. So… everything seems succesfully finished. The first is the one we required. So we need it as well.

Problem 3: We have the SDK.

lede recommended packages

We are able to rebuild an existing package with the SDK. Well… The good news is that most of the steps described above needs to be applied also in our specific scenario. Now, in this stage, you have all the required SDK components in place.

Please note that the feeds. Here it is:. Keep this in mind! Once back to the prompt, we launch the building with a make and few minutes later, here is the result:. As you can see, despite some minor warnings, everything has been built. Stephane Bourdeaud.

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