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Chinese scooter vacuum hose diagram

What's that SUV take? XD Do I sound bored to you? I told ya she'd do it!! Vacume lines? View previous topic :: View next topic. Does anyone have a diagram where the vacume lines go???

Gy6 Carburetor Vacuum Lines

I have 2 vacume lines coming out of the plastic intake I plugged both on the intake and it runs fine Guess I better invest in a manual soon. By the way it is a cc. Back to top. This might not be the case outside North America, but on both of my scooters there is a vacuum diagram inside the seat bucket. It's a schematic, but that should be enough to help decide where a tube goes if one end is still connected.

NOLA Scott wrote:. Bad luck there. Of course it couldn't be that easy. I never had anything contaminate my oil. Least not by having the breather hose pointed at the ground. The stock filters are too damn expensive just to let be spraying with oil. There are only 2 vacuum accessories that I'm aware of. One vacuum line is for the fuel petcock or fuel pump.

The vac petcock is notoriously unreliable. The other vacuum line goes to the stock cvk carburetors.

150cc GY6 4-stroke Scooter Parts

If there is no vacuum line from the intake to the carb, then the carb uses a mechanical slide. All times are GMT.We've launched an improved GY6 Technical Center for ! We're in the process of bringing all of these old articles to the new system. Check it out for new content you won't find here! Please see attached image. Blue :: Clear drain hose. This hose hangs and is plugged to collect oil. There are also fuel, overfill, and drain hoses related to the fueling system.

They are not included here. May cause confusion for those not familiar with the carb set up. Does the fuel line from the gas tank plug in directly to the bottom port near the flow bowl of the GY6 Carburetor? And there is another port located at the center of the carburetor? Is that a fuel vent port that has a hose connected to it that just hangs down? Where does that port go?

You'll know it when you see it, as it is the only brass barb on the carburetor. Poster 2: The fuel line, overflow, and drain hoses are not a part of the vacuum system. We left these items out to make it easier for those looking to troubleshoot vacuum system problems. Where is this supposed to connect to? I am including a link to a pic from bmi karts.

I really need to know where the bottom hose next to the screw attaches to. One of them is on the bottom of the fuel bowl, and the other is near the front side, closer to the intake. I assume these are air bleeds for high and low speed operation.

Am I correct wit this guess, and which one controls which speed?? Thanks for any help. I've cleaned the carb twice.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I bought a VIP Future Championtook it to the shop and had the heads changed because the mechanic said it had bad heads, so dollars later I went in to pick it up and the mechanic says there is a knock in the lower engine, he starts it up it starts right up and lets it run for about 30 seconds, so my friend and I go outside to talk and decide to take it home rather than pay the additional dollars.

We go in to get the scooter and suddenly it won't start. I think the mechanic was shady and did something very simple to keep it from starting. It's hot and I'm tired of walking after spending bucks on a scooter. Why wouldn't it start and hasn't started since? The mechanic said there was a knock in the lower engine, but he started it right up to show us. It doesn't ignite, but tries to start. I just assumed it might be something simple, because my past experience with shady auto mechanics is like with my Ford Taurus for which the mechanic flipped the fuel pump relay switch in the trunk without my knowledge and acted as if it wouldn't start Then the next day I went to get my car tired of giving the guy my money and he had a fake mechanics lean drawn up and Well, long story Anyway, I assumed that since he started it right up and two mins later it didn't after I went outside with my boyfriend and decided I wasn't given him any more money, that maybe there was something simple and stupid like that?

Should I have left my scooter in the shop and given him another dollars? The starter works fine and everything else seems to work except it just won't get going or turn all the way over or run. It's in my back yard right now.

The battery is fully charged, and I tried starting it a couple of minutes ago. I'm sitting outside with my laptop and my scooter. Oh What would be a couple of ways to maybe troubleshoot and figure out the problem? Am I correct in that the upper hose that leaves the fuel pump go to the front of the carburetor?

And the lower hose to the back? There are many things he could have done to affect it but, the things I listed could have been undone quickly. Here are some images that might help with identifying where everything should connect. If your engine looks like this Here is a helpful trouble-shooting guide that might help get your scooter running again.

I highlighted the starting point in yellow because it wasn't immediately clear to me. The upper hose that you found cut and zip tied is likely to be a vacuum line, rather than a fuel supply line.

If so, the fact that it is cut and plugged should not be causing your failure to start, it is likely an emissions-related feature that is activated when you get off the gas. Spray some starter fluid into the air intake of the carburator, if it starts, your problem is in carburator or your gas supply.

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If it doesn't start, your problem is in the spark, compression, timing or electrical. I had the same problems. Take oil cap off reservoir, check dipstick for gas in your oil. Anyway go ahead and drain it, more than likely that's your problem. Drain old oil out, new in and it should run like a new one, I know mine sure did. It is relatively inexpensive.

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Daniel Philpot. Clinton Dobbins. Richard L Haight. Phil Pierce.We frequently receive questions about how the auto-choke and its operating needle work.

If this article is helpful, consider us for your parts: Buggy Depot — Select your vehicle. Instead, it sends extra fuel through the carburetor. This is called an enrichment circuit. If this resister goes bad, the choke will likely become damaged shortly thereafter. This circuit is controlled by the charging system. When the engine is turned on and voltage is applied to the choke, the needle extends and eventually plugs the enrichment ports within the carburetor.

This happens within a couple of minutes as the engine warms up.

chinese scooter vacuum hose diagram

How do I remove the choke on the Looks like you just pull it off. Thanks, Don. There is a golden-colored clip holding the choke in place. My buggy starts fine and runs fine at idle, but boggs down and will eventually die under any heavy throttle or load. I can do about 10 mph on flat concrete. I cleaned the carbuerator and it still does the same thing. I even unplugged the auto-choke and it still did the same thing. Any thoughts? I already ordered a new resistor so once that gets here I will see if it fixes it.

I am having the exact same problem.

Fix Chinese 49cc Scooter that won't start

Fires right up but when i throttle up it doesnt. Let me know if the new resister fixed it. I installed the new resistor and it still does the same thing.One way to bypass all these components is to rig up a temporary gravity fed fuel flow directly to the carburetor.

If you connect a fuel supply directly to the carburetor from a container held above the level of the carburetor and the scooter revs freely, you've identified the problem and you need to check or replace each component of the fuel supply to make sure it's working OK. Ignition and Spark If the scooter starts, it must be getting some sort of spark, but the spark may be weak or there may be a problem with the ignition timing. The first thing to do is remove the spark plug and take a look at it.

If there are heavy deposits on the tip black or whiteor if it looks worn or damaged or if the gap isn't what it should be, it should be replaced.

If there's no difference, at least you now have a spare plug if the one in the engine ever does fail! Faulty ignition timing can cause running problems but today there are very few scooter engines on which you can alter or adjust the ignition timing.

The CDI is a sealed unit and if it's bad all you can really do is replace it.

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They're usually pretty reliable though, so that might be something to try if all else fails to find a problem. Air and Vacuum Leaks Leaks in the air or vacuum lines can cause problems too. Usually it's leaks in the vacuum lines which control several functions related to the carburetor operation and fuel supply.

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First check all the vacuum line connection and the lines themselves for splits and cracks. If they look OK you can spray water on them while the engine is running and see if there is any change in engine speed. If there is, the liquid will temporarily plug the leak and the engine speed will change. Some recommend spraying WD40 or carburetor cleaning fluid on the lines, but if you do there can be a risk of fire, so be careful.

If you find a leak, you should replace, rather than attempt to repair, the affected line. Carburetor Carburetor problems are the most likely source of poor running. If the adjustment is OK, or you can't get the engine to idle well, then comes the next step. Over time especially if the scooter is stored for long periods of time with gas in the carburetor"gummy" deposits can build up.

These are the residues which are left behind when gas evaporates. They can clog internals valves, jets and passages inside the carburetor which can affect fuel flow. The best way to deal with them is to remove the carburetor from the scooter see carburetor rejettingtake it apart and soak it in carburetor cleaning fluid, which will dissolve the deposits.

Make sure the jets are clear too. Valve Clearance Adjustment Valve clearance "valve lash" can affect the way the engine runs. This is the clearance between the camshaft and the valve stem. If it is too large, the valve won't open all the way and if it is too small or non-existentthe valve may not properly close, which can lead to overheating and valve seat damege.

chinese scooter vacuum hose diagram

Either way is a problem. The procedure for adjusting the valve clearance is given on the valve clearance adjustment page. Scooter Focus All about gas powered motor scooters Scooter Focus - Site Map.

Troubleshooting - Scooter won't run.These new Chinese scooters are a mixed bag.

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The quality varies widely and the makers, though high in business acumen, are notoriously low on business scruples and utterly abysmal when it comes to English communication. Some are, however, aware of the effect of this reputation and a few manufacturers of low-end scooters, notably TANK, Taizhou Chuanl, and Roadrunner are making a genuine effort to establish at least an appearance of respectability see TANK Scooters.

Scooters from Chaunl from Global Trailerhowever, do have California certification. See California Legal Scooters. NB: Scooter World has published a well-researched article entitled " China and the American Scooterist " on the importation of Chinese scooters to America.

There have been accusations of, and unfair trade lawsuits filed against Chinese companies for "dumping" selling below cost scooters on the American market. Some are still not worth the price, particularly those which do not qualify for registration in the states, but in a certain sense, it is nice that the Chinese are however unintentionally subsidizing economical scooter usage in America.

Yes, I did say "track record. The gy6 engine used in Honda scooters has been manufactured in Chinese factories for decades. China runs on motorscooters. After the bicycle, motorscooters are the dominant form of private transportation. In China and Taiwan, one sometimes sees whole families on one scooter See passengers on a scooter. The Chinese home market is vastly larger than the American or European markets and, for over a decade, Chinese products have dominated sales to developing countries.

This does not mean that all Chinese factories know what they are doing. There is little regulation and quality products must be ferretted out.

It is assumed that Chinese scooters are not as well made as those made in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and certainly the US and Europe -- scooters selling for twice to five-times the price, but that line has become unclear as many scooters contain parts originating in many different countries See video. Some parts are definitely of lower quality, however -- stripped bolts and screws are more common than on Vespas for example says " Scooterdoc " Rich, who has worked on both.

On the other hand, no scooter seems to exist that does not contain parts made in China including Vespa, Piaggio, etc.

chinese scooter vacuum hose diagram

Of course, longevity is a different question, but ut at well over km now, after it has more than paid for itself in gas savings See Motorscooter Return on Investment Calculator and many times over in convenience and fun. And it seems that the longer I drive it, the better it runs. Though parts for Chinese scooters can be a bit of a problem, as mentioned elsewhere See Motorscooter Replacement partsbut the Allpro Scooters dealership where I bought my TANK has always risen to the occasion and located the necessary parts and have managed to overcome problems caused by cheap parts, threads, etc.

The engine and carburetor are of high quality my carburetor is actually made in Japan. Why pay twice the price???